Clark Conservatory

Clark Conservatory offers students a more complete acting training, anchored in the belief that growth as an actor and growth as a human being are synonymous. Students will gain tools and techniques to better engage their imagination, analyze text deeply and accurately, and to create rich, specific characters. The Conservatory will offer a variety of special programs each season and will be facilitated by award-winning, industry professionals from the Tulsa community.

The Conservatory offers students additional opportunities beyond Clark’s standard programming, such as smaller cast productions, complex material, specialized workshops, and a Conservatory-based Improv troupe. In addition, Conservatory students have intern opportunities at the theatre, including technical work as lighting designers and board operators, sound design, costume design and construction, stage management, directing and arts management. The Conservatory is a fantastic way to build resumes for college applications and on-the-job training that will put students ahead of their peers in this competitive field.

Participation in The Conservatory is voluntary, and there is one opportunity to join each season. Once students have been accepted into The Conservatory they remain members until they age out of the Clark youth program, however – Conservatory members will have requirements to maintain membership.

Conservatory Point System

Students must earn 5 points in a single season for Conservatory participation. Once a member, students must maintain 3 points per season.



Staff retains final approval for points earned.