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Tulsa’s Longest Running Youth Arts Program. Est. 1978

Clark Youth Theatre is thrilled to be operating back in a fully functioning capacity!
Although our 2021-2022 Season has been jam packed with 9 main productions, 10 weeks of camp, 28 weeks of classes, 4 weeks of workshops and a whole lot of fun, it is time to celebrate!  Join us for our end of year celebration and awards at 6pm on May 14th, 2022.


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Clark Board and Staff have worked tirelessly since March 2020 to pivot and continue to provide programming for our Clarkies.  We have taken temps, kept logs, distanced, masked, worked outside as much as possible, and sprayed/wiped/fogged santizer EVERYWHERE.  Clark is happy to say while we are still monitoring the situation, we currently have no COVID restrictions in place.  We will continue to monitor the situation in order to keep our Clarkies and their families safe. There is laughter, music, and major emotional expression going on every where when the kids are at the building.  The world is crazy, but Clarkies persevere to make art, and life, happen in a connected way.
Come celebrate the bright joy of theatre with us, even when the world may still feel a little upside down.  Safely pushing through with persistence and skill –  we watch daily as leadership skills form through theatre and it’s many facets.  Kindness, empathy, patience, focus, task completion, and teamwork.  Celebrate with us as we return not only to our art, but to raising future leaders through theatre.
Tammy Slack, Executive Director
Clark Staff
Erin Scarberry, Artistic Director
John Cruncleton, Technical Director
Thomas Farnan-Williams, Instructor

Clark Wins Big at 2020 TATE Awards

Congratulations to our Clarkies! August 2nd was the livestream of the 2020 TATE awards, and Clark Youth Theatre and Clark Conservatory were overwhelmed at the response to our productions this year! Clark had 26 TATE Nominations with 13 TATE wins, including the Erin Scarberry directed “The Secret in the Wings”, which won Outstanding Theatre Production, and The Penguin Project’s “The Lion King, Jr,” directed by Sofia Brennecke which won Outstanding Youth Theatre Production. We are so proud of our Clarkies, Production Teams, and Staff, and it is exhilarating to be recognized for the hard work we do all year round providing Tulsa area kids with an excellent theatre education and a safe place to pursue their dreams. We are overwhelmed with the amazing level of awards we received last night, and plan to continue to provide these quality opportunities to Tulsa Area Youth for another 42 years, at least.
All nominations and wins are listed below, but first, we would like to share a few “non-public” details with you that make us equally proud. Clarkies or Clark grads were involved in six of the eleven nominated shows. While Clark had 26 nominations, there were seven other nominations with three wins that involved Clark grads or staff outside of the Clark Productions. We will continue to provide opportunities through our Clark Conservatory for Clark grads, and we are SO proud that our students are finding their way in what we call “adult-land.” We are in the business of raising future leaders through theatre, ya’ll. SO proud, thankful and humbled by their success.
Theatre by definition does not happen in a vacuum. It is a cooperative effort, by which we creatively complete a complicated and large task. This takes a team of people including not only our Clarkies, Staff, and Board, but also parents, local playwrights, directors, designers, engineers, choreographers, music directors, stage managers, costumers, instructors, friends with input, brain-stormers and donors. The names you see on the list below are important, but there are so many more individuals who contribute to our success. Our Clarkie family is big and wide, and these wins belong to ALL of us! Thank you from all of us to the TATE Committee and TATE Adjudicators for honoring our efforts. Your time and talents are greatly appreciated!
Congrats to all of the Tulsa community theatres. It is both an honor and a joy to be doing art and sharing resources with you. Thank you for providing a bar to measure up to.
And now, for the fun part! You all – you DID this! Let’s celebrate with all the following:
“The Secret In the Wings” by Mary Zimmerman
Outstanding Production – Win
Outstanding Director, Erin Scarberry – Win
Outstanding Ensemble – Win (Tie with the Wolves)
Outstanding Set Design, John Cruncleton – Win
Outstanding Costume/Hair/Makeup, Erin Scarberry – Nominee
Outstanding Property Design, John and Erin – Nominee
Outstanding Lighting Design, John Cruncleton – Nominee
Outstanding Sound Design, John and Erin – Win
Outstanding Sound – Musical Direction, Tammy Slack- Win
Outstanding Actor, Cal Wright – Win
Outstanding Actor, Lydia Malkemus – Nominee
“The Wolves” a play by Sarah DeLappe
Outstanding Play 1st runner-up – Nominee
Outstanding Play 2nd runner-up – Nominee
Outstanding Ensemble – Win(Tie with Secret in the Wings)
Outstanding Director, David Blakely – Nominee
Outstanding Set Design, John Cruncleton – Nominee
Outstanding Actor, Erin Scarberry – Nominee
Outstanding Actor, Claire Butkin – Nominee
Outstanding Actor, Sophia Ricketts – Win
Outstanding Actor, Taylor Terrell – Win
The Penguin Project’s “The Lion King, Jr.”
Outstanding Youth Production – Win
Tyrone Wilkerson Award, Youth Category – Win
Outstanding Ensemble – Nominee
Outstanding Director, Sofia Brennecke – Nominee
Outstanding Actor, Kali Braithwaite- Nominee
Outstanding Actor, Ben Vargas – Win
The Mary Kay Place Award was awarded to our Technical Director, John Cruncleton III, for his over 25 years of theatre involvement in the Tulsa Community. John is a generous creator at heart, and we are so thankful to have him as a part of our creative community at Clark!
Thank you again to our Clarkie family, all who participated in our TATE entries, the TATE Committee and Adjudicators and our Tulsa theatre community!

Clark would like to thank the George Kaiser Family Foundation for their continued support of the TATE Awards and theatre in Tulsa.

Clark Youth Theatre is located in Henthorne Park, 4825 S. Quaker Avenue, Tulsa, OK 74105.
Questions? Give us a call at (918) 596-1412, or email us at clarkyouththeatre@gmail.com.

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