Class Assignments

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From Erin:


First, a warm up! Teach your family members to play Wax Museum with you as the curator. Make sure that everyone moves and changes positions when your back is turned!

Once you are warmed up, please choose a storybook from your personal collection. Read it with a parent, then using the improv skills you have learned at Clark, create a mini-performance in your living room and tell the story. Your family members can be in the story with you and play all the characters. If you have costume pieces and want to use them, go for it! Feel free to make a video of your family’s performance and share it with us via google drive or email.

Teen Improv Assignment

Teach Your Family to Play Improv: Write a Story

This week I would like you to teach your family how to play the improv game Write a Story. You will be the writer and you will ask your family to be your actors. Since we normally would get suggestions from the audience for a title, I will be giving you your first title: 

The Princess Who Would Not Laugh 

If you enjoy the activity, feel free to play additional rounds and ask your family for title suggestions. Remember that the most basic improv rule is to say yes, so encourage your family to agree and go along with the story you create. If you want to go the extra mile, please record your family’s play and share it in video via google drive or email.

Additional Reminders:

  1. The writer performs the narration sitting at a typewriter. 
  2. The actors do not have dialogue unless you, the writer, offer it to them. If you get stuck in your storytelling, choose a character and have them speak (“and the princess said”). 
  3. Strive for a complete story with a beginning, middle, and end with a conflict and resolution. Your story must include a character for every actor, and an actor may play more than one role if you need it. 
  4. When you finish playing, talk with your family as we would in class during a feedback discussion. Answer these questions:
    1. Was everyone speaking loudly enough? 
    2. Did everyone remain aware of their body and presentation? Did they make physical choices for their characters or were the characters similar to themselves? 
    3. Was the story complete? Did we have a conflict and resolve it? 
    4. Were there any ways to improve the story? 
    5. What was the best moment? Did anyone make you laugh? 


Since we were unable to finish our group project work in class, I would love to see what you were able to create. Using any of the video chat formats available (I recommend Google Hangouts or Zoom – Zoom particularly if you want to record it), touch base with the available members of your group and create a small video presenting what your group was able to finish. If you feel this isn’t feasible, just email erinscarberry@gmail.com and let me know. Hope you all are enjoying the break as much as you can!

From Thomas:

Homeschool Musical Theatre Spring Assignments HERE

Homeschool Musical Theatre Script for Show HERE

*you should receive a YouTube playlist link by email – if you haven’t received it, please email us at clarkyouththeatre@gmail.com

From Coral for 5-7yo Theatre Games:

Week one games and instructions for home HERE

From Tammy for 5-7yo Musical Theatre:

Listen to “I Won’t Grow Up” From Peter Pan

Listen to “When I Grow Up” from Matilda

Access Lyrics HERE

Teach your Parents our Rhythm Games! Practice 4 count clapping, and clap Rhythms back and forth to each other. If you have more than 3 people in your family, take turns being the Rhythm leader, and guessing who is leading!

From Tammy for Saturday Musical Theatre:

Teach your family our vocal warm-ups. Make a siren up and down, warm up your body, and teach them some of our diction exercises

Choose a movie or recorded live musical to watch with your household, or by yourself with permission.

  • Choose a favorite character
  • How are they like and unlike you? Could you play this role?
  • Learn a song they sing – feel free to record and upload it and send it in to me at clarkyouththeatre@gmail.com

From Tammy for US Government Through Debate and Discussion:

Finish your work on the Executive Branch we discussed before Spring Break.

Access your additional written work here:

Judicial Branch #1 HERE

Judicial Branch #2 HERE

Supreme Court Case Lessons for 1st Amendment #4 and #5 HERE

Tammy will contact you Thursday or Friday to discuss via Skype or Zoom!